Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Cousin's 1st Birthday

Welcome back. So last weekend on Sunday I went to my little cousin's birthday party that her mom made for her. It went by so fast that she turned 1 October 19. It feels like just yesterday I got the news that she was on the way to be born. If only they would stay small.

We went to Stockton because that's where I have some family over there and my cousin lives there too. It's about a 2 hour drive and I enjoy going over there because it's not a everyday thing that I get to go over there. It's always good to see family that I don't see often. I feel like the ride over there isn't too long. The recent times that I've gone felt really fast to get there and back home.

Anyways, my cousin had her smash cake and she loved it. She loved it when she got to put her hands on the cake and put it all over her. I found it cute and funny because she was having her moment. I think having a smash cake for a 1 year old is a good thing because that's when they get their chance in putting their hands on the cake. 


I fell in love with the decorations. It was really cute. The colors were pink and gold. I loved every detail that was on that table. The treats were really good too. 

Overall, I loved going over there and being able to go to my cousin's birthday. It was nice seeing some family that I haven't seen in while. Just knowing that my cousin is 1 now makes me want to cry everyday but the important thing is that I am happy to see her grow healthy.

"It's amazing how things are going so fast. We try to keep calm. It is very exciting to watch your little one grow." -Unknown


  1. I loved your blog post and love the party decorations but next time make sure your sentences make sense.

  2. Your pictures are lovely and your cousin is so precious. You should try to find the author of the quote or mention that the author is unknown.

  3. The picture you added are so cute she is so precious. The description of what you liked about the party. It would have been better with you gave a brief description about her.

  4. I like your pictures! but next time introduce the people you have in your pictures.

  5. Shes so adorable. I love the pictures you took. Next time you could add a bit more information about her.