Sunday, October 11, 2015


Hi there. I wanted to do something different and thought of doing a throwback from a quincenera when I was small. There was 2 flower girls and I was one of them. Until this day I remember the things I did that day.

The quincenera's name is Stephanie and to me I see her as my sister because I've known her since I was little girl and I grew up with her. I look up to her and love her so much. When she told me that I was going to be her flower girl I was so happy because come on I believe every little girl likes to be a flower girl and feel like a princess.

I remember when they took me to the hair salon to do my hair early in the morning. When the lady was done doing my hair, I went to my house and changed into my dress. Once I finished getting ready I was all happy that I had my dress and mini heels on. I didn't want to get dirty so I had to tell my brother to not touch me which makes me laugh now.

I also remember that me and my friend, who was the other flower girl, would always make noise in the limo that one of the damas told us to be quiet. Up to that point I also remembered that we got mad at each other just because we wanted to sit next to the quincenera.

How time flies by so fast. Memories like this is a memory to always keep and be able to look back when we get older.

"Cherish every memory. Love every moment."

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