Monday, November 30, 2015

Stay at home kind of day

Hey guys welcome back!
So during the weekend I didn't do much. It was mostly just staying at home. I usually stay at home since my parents work.

I was mostly on Youtube or Pandora listening to music. Music is what entertains me on daily basis in whatever I am doing.

When a song comes on, I am just into it. It's hard to have a favorite song because they are all good.

One of the songs that I listened to was called How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle. What is the story about you may ask? Well, her producer Paul Mabury tells her the story of the woman caught in adultery in the bible and asked her to imagine Jesus bending down and writing in the sand and that all of a sudden the crowd threw this woman at His feet and said "look at what she's done, shouldn't we stone her?" Jesus gets up and instead of saying "You're right, that's what she deserves," He steps into the moment of being on the Cross and shows her what His purpose was before He even fulfilled it.

When Paul told her that story, she thought about everything she has ever done to offend anyone. Things that she has said and done that have hurt people and herself. Beyond that, things that she had done knowing they were wrong before God. In the middle of that, Jesus offers us this relentless grace that is so overwhelming. 

This song speaks the sufficiency of His grace into the place of the feeling of guilt.

Until next time!

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