Sunday, January 31, 2016

How do I keep my hair healthy and long?

Hi everyone!

So I'm always getting asked how do I do it to keep my hair healthy and long. Many think that I use a product to have my hair grow and keep it healthy. To answer that, I don't use any product for my hair. I like the way my hair is and I don't want to damage it. I simply don't use too much heat on my hair. I really don't like straightening my hair too much. At times when I do straighten my hair I always make sure I'm using a heat protectant of course. I either straighten my hair for special events (not always though) or when I want something different. For keeping my hair long, I don't use anything either. I just simply let my hair be and not do anything much to it. I guess my hair is naturally like that where it grows fast. The only thing I do is just cutting the dead parts but that is something most of the people do anyways.

Oh and one more thing. Many ask me how do I get my hair so straight, soft, and shiny and the answer to that is nothing. I myself don't know how my hair does that but again like I said I just think it's the way I have my hair. I sometimes think that it is my straightener that makes it like that but I don't think so because I remember using my cousin's one time and there was no difference.

This is it for today. Until next time, bye!

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