Monday, April 11, 2016

DIY on Rainbow Crayon Art

Hey guys. Today's blog will be a DIY on making a rainbow crayon art.

What you will need:
- Canvas or a white board
- a hot glue gun or gorilla glue (if you decide to use a hot glue gun be sure you are fast enough in applying it because it dries really fast)
- crayons
- a hair blow dryer
- newspaper or something that is old that will not be in use after

Step 1: Sort out the crayons by color. You will not likely want to include any browns, black and grey.

Step 2: Line up the crayons by color. Line up the crayons next to the canvas or white board so you know exactly what you will need and know how you will place them.
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Step 3: Begin on applying gorilla glue or the hot glue from the gun on the crayons to the canvas or white board. Apply enough glue, lay those crayons down in place, and then add more glue and so on.
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Step 4: Once all of the crayons are glued on, cover your work area will newspaper or something old that will not be in use after because when your start doing it, it will make a mess with the was that crayons have. Lean it against something to help create what your desired design.
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Step 5: Begin heating one section of the crayons with your hair blow dryer. Hold it about 12 inches away from the crayons. It will take a couple of minutes for the crayons to begin to melt.
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Step 6: Continue directing heat at a section of crayons and use the air and heat as needed to direct the wax down the canvas/white board.

Step 7: Continue work a section of crayons at a time. The total time for melting the crayons be about 45 minutes or depending the size of canvas or white board you are using.

Step 8: When all crayons have melted, and dripped down, pick up your project from your work area.

Step 9: Your creation of this project is complete!

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Here are other design ideas according to this type of creation: 

This is it for now. Until next time, bye.

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