Sunday, April 17, 2016

Love for green drink!

Hey guys!

So lately I have been drinking my green drink everyday and I absolutely love it! It is a healthy drink that involves with green vegetables. As for me, I don´t like every green vegetable that there is so I just use the ones I do like. I also like to add in a fruit to make it taste more better. Drinking this has made me feel a lot better and I have had a habit in drinking this which is good.

At first I never had liked it before because I would see my grandma make it with some of the green vegetables I didn´t like and that was because I would always watch her do it. I would taste it and I would not like it because the way my grandma would make it. I decided to make one for myself and from there I loved it.

These green drinks really helps your body and it is recommended by doctors as well.

This is it for now. Until next time, bye!

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